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World ACE Challenge Race’s goal is to provide a chance  to test and improve your pigeon line. Together, we can discover and  promote more and more all distance, weather resistance top ACE pigeons  for the pigeon sport!.


1.      World ACE Challenge Race 2019 is  offering an Average Speed A race (entry fee 1,000 each pigeon). Team  consists of 6 pigeons, primary bird entry fee of $1,000 and perch fees  $100 each pigeon. If sending less than 6 birds, perch fee is 125 each  bird. All fee dues upon arrival at the loft.

 2.      World ACE Challenge Race C Race (entry  fee 250 each pigeon) entries flown in conjunction with the A race  entries. Team consists of 6 pigeons, primary bird entry fee of $250 and  perch fees $100 each bird.  If sending less than 6 birds, perch fee 125  each bird. All fee dues upon arrival at the loft.

3.      The Capital prizes by average speed (6  races program, total 1650 miles), the six races consist of 150m,  200m,   250m, 300m, 350m and 400m. All birds entered must compete in the  entire race series. Each of the 6 races will award the top pigeons by  clocking position. (Actual payout based on paid pigeons entry.)

 4.      The birds will have 100 mile toss  about 15 days prior to the 150 mile race. All birds must be entered in  the race series to maintain eligibility. Birds not activated will be  available for other participants to activate (these birds will be the  property of the buyer).  

5.      If both the primary and backups are  lost prior to the first race, you will receive a credit for a free entry  next year provided a team of six birds were entered. 

6.      Birds will be accepted March 1st 2019 until June 30th, 2019. Replacements will be accepted until July 31th, 2019. Final (400 mile) race scheduled on 3rd weekend in December. (weather permitting)  

7.      A total of 30 birds in the top overall  average speed, all 1st place birds from the 6 single races and pigeons  from overseas will be auctioned. 50% going to the owner and 50% going to  the World ACE Challenge Race after expenses. Breeders agree to provide  pedigree for the auction. If pedigree was not received before the  auction start, breeders will not get their share. 

 8.      The birds not in the auction will be returned for just shipping cost (NO BUY BACK). Arrangements must be made within 2 weeks of the final 400 mile race. After that they become property of the World ACE Challenge Race. 

9.      World ACE Challenge Race will continue  offer a special young pigeon training program. Each (trainer pigeon)  perch fee will be $125 each or 6 for $600. There will be no entry fee  charges as they will not be racing for prize money.

 These trainers will race in conjunction with  WAC Racing pigeons. They will fly 150 mile, 200 mile, 250 mile, 300  mile, 350 mile and 400 mile, 6 races of 1,650 miles total distance. WAC  also offers an optional 500 mile special race.

 The 1 st Place of the training pigeon from  each race will receive a trophy plus a certificate of achievement. Top  10 pigeons from each single race will all received certificate of  achievement.