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What is the definition of an "Ace"?
To be dazzlingly skilled!

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Welcome to the "World Ace Challenge"!

Located in the United States, on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, across the street from exciting Winstar Casino. The World Ace Challenge is the race of a life-time with entries only from the best pigeon flyers around the world!

World ACE Challenge Race 2016

Now it reaches the best time of the year to send pigeons to one loft race. World ACE Challenge Race invites you to send your best pigeons to our 6 race series. (150 mile, 200 mile, 250 mile, 300 mile, 350 mile and 400 mile race for a total of 1,650 flying distance)

 In 2015, WAC made sure every single race was fair and published live recordings for every race. WAC followed the all of the race rules and produced excellent short distance, long distance and all distance ACE pigeons in 2015.   

2016 marks the eleventh year of WAC race. We will try even harder to do our very best to keep WAC both fair and professional.

 We are determined to keep WAC race going for many years to come. WAC race welcomes advice to make the race keeps improving.

 WAC is sincerely thankful for everybody who has and will send pigeons to join WAC Race. Thank you all for your support.

  The 11 th Annual World ACE Challenge Race is ready for 2016 race year. WAC is accepting pigeons from March 1st till June 30, replacement till July 31.


Please click here to view 2016 Race Rules 

Please click here to download WAC race entry form  

Should you decide to join the 11 th Annual WAC race, we would encourage you to ship pigeons as soon as possible so we can prepare them for the races.  

Thank you.  

WAC Team

Please CLICK here to view A race Average Speed pigeons 2015 result

Please CLICK here to view C race Average Speed pigeons 2015 result




* Any questions please call (972) 896-6888(972) 896-6888



Weather Permit

1. 150 miles  11-12-2016

4. 300 miles 12- 03-2016

2. 200 miles  11-19-2016

5. 350 miles  12-10-2016

3. 250 miles  11-26-2016

6. 400 miles  12-18-2016

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Please click here to download entry form

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Click here for Directions to the World Ace Challenge Loft!

Feel free and check the local weather in your area.



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